Keep up to date with the latest developments of the redevelopment project at our Beaconsfield branch.

Beaconsfield Redevelopment

We are currently investing in the complete redevelopment of our Beaconsfield branch that will bring an exciting range of new services and improved customers facilities.

Services and facilities to look forward to:

- 3D Bathroom Design

- 3D Kitchen Design

- Landscaping Design

- HSS Hire

- Brick Library

- Decorating Centre

- Landscaping Display Area

- Lords Plumbing & Heating


Work began on site on 1 June 2021 and during construction, the branch remains open for customers. Scroll down to see the latest progress.


Getting started

The work began with rearranging the yard and moving the service area at the back of the estate.

Beaconsfield Redevelopment


Making way for the new

The old buildings are being demolished to make way for a new two-storey shop/showroom and warehouse.

Beaconsfield Redevelopment


Clearing the ground

The old buildings are now torn down, with the bricks pilling up and ready to be crushed.

Beaconsfield Redevelopment


Bricks cleared

The project progresses as the bricks are crushed and removed to clear the ground for construction works.


New Road Layout

The redevelopment project includes the installation of a new road on the estate. This is currently in progress, after clearing the ground from the old buildings.


Taking shape

The frame of the new two-storey shop/showroom and warehouse is now completed.


Full structure

The new stores take shape as the walls are put up.


During construction, the branch remains open with the trade centre moved at the back of the estate and a new area for customer parking. Our product range remains available for click & collect, in-store purchase or delivery.