Brick finder

How does it work...?

Using the lastest AI techonoghy gone are the days of wading through thousands of images trying to match your brick to one in our collection.

1. Using your mobile phone of similar take a photo of your brick.

2. Click 'Choose file' and navigate to your photo.

3, Submit to upload your photo.

4. Let our brick matching techonology find the bricks that best match your uploaded photo.

Brick Matching Service

Whatever the texture, style, colour and whether it's glazed, smooth, dragfaced, sand machined or handmade, we can match it with our brick library.

Over the years Lords have become renowned for our brick matching service. Our experts have considerable skills from years of experience in recognising and matching, from either samples supplied or from a site visit. We have our own brick library to help customers identify texture, size and colour. We can source a huge variety of styles including glazed, smooth, dragfaced, sanded machined or handmade, along with special shapes and arches. Brick supply companies used include Hanson Brick, Ibstock and Wienerberger.

As part of the service we can arrange for you to speak with specialist design advisors about the durability and suitability of the bricks you might be considering to ensure you get a perfect match when we deliver to your door. You tell us what you require and we will do the rest.

For more information on our brick matching service call 020 8963 7530 or send your enquiry to [email protected].