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Account management functions
Account information

Edit and update your account and contact information. You can change or add contact details as well as your company logo, or request to change your billing address etc. in this area. Some change requests such as billing addresses and your landlord branch Will require authorisation from our website or accounts team.

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Site address book

Here you can add, name and edit all of your delivery addresses. From this list you can choose where Materials get delivered and add any information that is specific to the delivery address, such as:

  • Contact details for site managers.
  • Details of your customers.
  • Time restrictions for site access, which must be adhered to for deliveries e.g. are there traffic restrictions due to local Council rules etc.
  • Weight or access restrictions for each site e.g. is there a narrow street or a weak bridge that makes accessing the site difficult.
  • Traffic management plans can be uploaded, where there may be specific criteria that it must be adhered to in order to access the site, such as delivery windows or security checks etc.
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Quote builder

The quote builder is an essential tool to help your customers create quotes in a fraction of the time with much more accuracy. They can print and post the formatted quotes or if they send quotes by email, the builder and you get an automatic notification when the builder’s customer accepts it, allowing you time to help the builder organise materials and delivery etc.

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Invoices & Credits

See all of your invoices and credits in one place to help you run your business and your accounts more efficiently. Never lose an invoice again and never have to call the branch to get a copy invoice or credit posted out to you.

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Orders & Returns

See the details of all previously placed orders, so you can keep in control of your account spend. See all the information you want including:

  • Orders placed.
  • Date of orders.
  • Prices paid.
  • You can also repeat a previous order and place it in your basket for delivery.

Also see what materials you have returned.

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View statements, print statements and query statements all from your account

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Account dashboard

Provides an up-to-date overview of all of your account activity. You can view all the important information that you need to see all in one place, such as:

  • Summary balance
  • Unallocated credits
  • Unallocated cash
  • Aged balance
  • Payment terms
  • Orders
  • Returns
  • Invoices
  • Credits
  • Payments
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Trade prices

Some builders will have pre-arranged trade prices already agreed with their merchant. Once logged-in these prices will be displayed. However, if you're not logged-in you may only see retail prices.

Materials quotations

As a builder you occasionally need larger than normal stock quantities. To save time adding products to a basket to calculate costs simply ask the merchant to prepare you a dedicated quote. This quote will then sit in your account section for future reference.

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See what and when you’ve paid, what you owe and when it needs to be paid all in one place.

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Payment methods

View what payment methods are available to me

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Website management functions
Mobile website

Designed with mobile use in mind. Conduct your business anytime and on any device. The mobile site has an intuitive interface that's easy to use and understand.

You will have no problem ordering your stock and checking your account from any device

Quick shop

If you know the product name or product code you require and don't want to search the website just enter the product name or product code into the correct fields. Ideal for the professional buyer.

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Branch pages

All the information you need about your local branch. Not just where it's situated but who's the branch manager, what speciality services do they offer and what are their opening hours.

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Social outreach

Keep up-to-date with branch events and news using social media. Typically this will involve Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Product search

Find your products quickly and efficiently. Simply type product name or keyword into the search bar and let the search facility offer a selection of products based on your search criteria.

VAT slider

This intuitive VAT slider let's you know if the products you are viewing are inclusive or exclusive of VAT. Simpy toggle the slider left or right to best suit your preference.

Truck information

This section allows you to view the trucks and vehicles your goods are likely to be delivered on.

Remember me

No more logging-in every time you come to the site. This handy feature will remember you on the device your working on.

Simply toggle the slider to the right and you will be remembered of the device you are currently working on.

Service functions
Branch finder
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Delivery scheduling
Click & collect
Brick finder
Window configurator
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